Airbrushing over hot coat? Good or bad?

I have some yellow burn spots on my boards hot coat. I would like to airbrush the board white and then apply another hot coat. My question, is this alright to do? Will the paint run or smudge once I apply the resin? Any disadvantages? Anyone have any better ideas out there other than tinting the resin? Thanks.

dont worry to do that, I used to paint over hot coat. Remember to use water base paint, that’s all. Regards, CrabieHK

Hey, I’ve done thousands of sprays on the Hotcoat - brings the colours up nicely and the board is less fragile than when working on foam. Dont paint the entire board white! seal with a clear coat or Gloss coat… Careful preparation for gloss coating will involve NOT HANDLING BOARD WITH GREASY HANDS!!!

I’ve done this on 2 boards. Just don’t put the paint on too thick and it comes out awesome!!