Airlines--Boards andThe Land Of The Long White Cloud (NZ)

I have something good to report about Airlines, surfboards and  various fees charged to passengers  traveling "Down Under" . My daughter and son-in-law recdently flew Air New Zealand  to Auckland and then a local flight to Wellington with quite a lot of luggage and two  9'0 surfboards out of SFO (San Francisco).  The boards were packed in a double board bag.  Air New Zealand made absolutly no big deal about the boards and checked them on thru.  Totally amazing.  They've got my vote.  I had heard previously that Air New Zealand was gracious regarding surfboards.  Sounds like it to me.  So now there are a couple of "Little Hawaii" boards down there rippin' up the local beach breaks.  If you want to follow their new life in New Zealand check out their blog at  lostinjexico    Lowel

Hey McDing

They are pretty good if you're coming in and connecting or leaving the country. But internal flights usually charge $20 a board - they used to be free.


Cool!  Twenty bucks wouldn't even require a second thought from me .  Over the years I've paid $60-90 and even $120 from LAX to Maui.  $40---$60 Inter-island..  So far from what Jess has told me Air New Zealand checked them on thru to Auckland at no additional costs.  Love those Kiwi's.,  Great country, people, lifestyle and surf!   Friggin' love 'em.  Hope to visit while they are down there.  Share a few waves, shapes, talk story etc.    Lowel