an invite to the surfing flyfishers...

whereas we can get some really fun surf up here in Oregon during September, it’s also primte time for some world class salmon fishing for fall run Kings.

If any of you feel like a road trip anytime in the last two weeks of September to surf some fun waves and cast to some brutes, ping me for the info. Both camping and reasonable motels right where both the surf and fishing takes place.  When my favorite bars are set up, can both surf and fish the river without moving my truck.

Got extra beefy rods and plenty of flies, so don’t need the gear, just a temp license and the want.

This was a smaller one nailed on the second cast (rare) about a 150 yards from a real fun sandbar I had just finished surfing…BBQ King is about as good as it gets…


Thanks, but I’d rather be in the Bahamas.

Never fly fished for Salmon. I Have caught plenty of nice size trout on the Green River in Utah. But a big fighting salmon sounds fun.  
Nothing is as good as fresh salmon in the Pacific North West. Salmon do not travel well. It just does not have the same taste and texture as caught that day fresh. 100,000 grizzly Bears will testify to that.

Thats a damn nice offer.  I’m back at work then and a bit too far for a weekend run. Sounds like paradise to me. Mike

A real kind offer Icc. Bit far for me this year, but if any sways members are ever in Scotland, fishing on the Spey is no problem anytime! Tight lines all…

Just got a cheapo set-up and am reading tips for beginners in a recent mag written by Yvon Chounard(sp).   Even an article on fishing without a reel like guys do on Maui.  But come Sept. I’ll most likely be sitting in a 12’ tinnie in a well known river across the street from my shop.  Or standing on the bank of an obviously named river in your backyard.  Hope it’s as good as last year  Lowel  PS --Looking at your pic again I realize you know the River and it’s “little brother”  of which I speak.

Im in newport. Always down to catch some salmon. where is your spot?


ya, know little brother well, took a 30" native steelie (released) on it a while back, and have fished big brother for past 7 years, hiking the upper canyon, rowing a drift boat through the middle section, fishing from bank and sled in lower tidewater from the town holes to the rivermouth.

my fishing partner on many a trip until he relocated was this old pirate I’m sure you’ll recognize…even made him the centerpiece of a fishing story I landed in STS (Salmon Trout Steelhead) magazine…lol



when i was travelling through oregon in september a few years back, I had a really fun surf at a bank with only one other out. When i asked the other guy where everyone else was, he said “the salmon are running, and the great whites are chasing” haha

After a fish on the Margaree this past weekend I came home to find out a friend of mine had a fishing accident.  The wind and poor timing led to a fly lodging directly into his eye/pupil.  He spent a week in the hospital and will likely need multiple surgeries over the next few years.  I pray that he has a full recovery but the prognosis is still up in the air.

This is a reminder to all of us to wear our safety equipment while fishing, shaping and glassing.  It only takes one bigs oops and it’s too late.  Enjoy your passions safely.

I think I hate you guys…We get steelies on the river below my house, but it is all so regulated and tenuous I figure I’ll just leave em alone.  I do enjoy watching them, tho. Mike

Remember to use quality 3M products when flyfishing for salmon.

Scientific Angler & Ross Reels.

like Ross CLA reels…love Guideline rods and lines…

The big thing here on the GA coast (look at google earth) is flyfishing in the coastal creeks and marshes from SUP boards. You can catch redfish in the marshgrass. They feed in 12 inches of water on shrimp and crabs. The surf may suck here but outside of thats its a pristine paradise. Just look at a map and you will be amazed.

The guy in lcc’s last picture is a pretty serious SUP fisherman.  But in the wide open Pacific Ocean off the coast of Oregon.

If I can make it up I’ll bring you a CLA reel.  What size do you prefer?

I have been doing pretty good up at my end of that river.  But mostly rainbows and cutthroat right now.  Waiting for the summer steel to get up here.  Meanwhile the crabbing and clamming has been really great on the bay where I work.   I try to get in an hour of “flying” every evening.  Right now the big push is getting all my fire wood cut for next winter so it can dry good before bringing it into the shed.  the chores gotta be done first.


wow, that would be cool…use 6 and 7’s…and we’re expecting a massive salmon run this year


for a while he used to prone paddle a longboard, accompanied by Sean (currently living in HI) on his, out to the Rock where they would jig for rockfish.

Half hour paddle each way, crates leaking fresh fish scent all the way back.

knowing what swims in these waters, that’s core.

which pretty much defines Gaz…





one of the things we do up here during winter when a storm settles in…break out the thread…