an old question from a newbie about photos..

i just got back from a surf trip where i got to try different fin combos on a new board with 5 fin boxes.

i said i would post with photos about it when i got back, but i’m finding it a bit confusing after searching for help.

first page i looked at (how to post a photo) gave me directions for getting it from my hard drive.

it said to keep it less than 90k.

this didn’t work. i got a note telling me the file has to be below 40k.

i desided looking at the archives might help and i found something about using a web page and putting up links instead.

i’ld rather show the photos like what i see on the ‘fins of the ocean’ post.

forgive me for being a newbie, but can i still do this? and how small should the files be?

does the file size limit refer to each photo or the sum total of all of them?

thanks for you help.


The easy thing to do, is post the pics to

After you upload the photos, which is a quite simple process, you copy the link(s) they provide, then embed into your post, here.

The tinypic URL will look like this: (

When you enter your message here, look at the top right of the message window, for a symbol that looks like a picture frame. Click that, and paste the url from tiny pic.

The advantage is that tinypic automatically resizes the file, and there’s a larger size allowed, to begin with.

Here’s an example, using the URL I quoted, above:

Here’s the geeky way to resize your photos…

I just upload my photos to The Gimp (a free imitation of Photoshop). There you can resize the image, and then save it as a compressed file. I usually resize to 500 pixels wide. When I save the file I uncheck the “save thumbnail” box under advanced options. I usually save the file as a jpg and compress it 65%. Once you do it a few times the process if pretty fast. The resulting file sizes are around 20 to 30 kbytes.

thanks guys!

after some more messing around and doing a couple of test posts i finally did it.

check out the

“A 6’4”, 5-4-3 fin experimental board report from the department of redundancy department…(PHOTO HEAVY).”

post and let me know if i did ok.

hope i don’t get on anyone’s nerves now that i’m posting photos!


by the way TonyM,

that’s a great shirt!

rick griffen perhaps?



by the way TonyM,

that’s a great shirt!

rick griffen perhaps?


Yup. Griffin. 1974 vintage, thereabouts. I have a few of his shirts, from that era.

Got a whole bunch of newer ones, too. I’m a Griffin collector.

a collector eh?

would love to see some more of his surf art…

have you ever posted them on this site?