and i never got to ride it :(

let’s start bidding.

run the take up.

it’s for a good cause.

bail out a national

economy,heck we

are the richest

most generous

country in the

history of the

civilized world.

in ‘‘our’’ resturant we skim that much money every night in Las vegas.

A drink would balance perfect on that shelf thingy.

it is real beautiful like .

we could charge for photos.

make our money back in no time.

this is a chance of a life time

right there in kakaako

drive over and pick it up

maybe even ride it home

to aina hina…

… ambrose…

11000 guys

a buck apiece

I seem to remember Roy saying that he could not return to the US, maybe the truth being he could not leave NZ. There is no way anyone is going to pay $11k for that board or is there? Does it come with the custom made board bag and the box that they shipped it over to the islands in? Maybe Ambrose is right maybe we should all pitch in and buy the board so it can stay on the North Shore, and full fill Roy’s dream. After all he did make it and get it to the North Shore. Maybe some of you guys on the North Shore can spread the word for no one to bid on it and we can get it for a few hundred bucks. What do you think? I know Ambrose is a honest man maybe he could collect the money from the rest of us and go over there and be our bidder. What think you Men, or our we Mouse? I know not many like the man but at least if we let it stay on the North Shore it could be proven wheather he is really blow smoke, or smoking blow? You up for this Mr. Curry?

if roys in NZ and the boards in Hawaii

who’s doin the selling?


Due to it’s exaggerated curve, it is designed to be displayed on a radiused wall in the entry of your business or theme restaurant.

Nice. Some people really have too much time on their hands.

A salty testicle tasting, wood creaking, heart racing, resin straining, reef scraping pipe drop into a soul arch spat out the hole an that board should go straight to the surfing museum.


not another word said.

a picture out behind my shed =

it looks to me like the court of new zealand is responsible for the ad…


It says, location Kaka’ ako. Sounds like a mixture of Spanish and Hawaiian. But, that aside, it should be bought and sacrificed to Pele’, to appease the offended spirits of Tom Blake, Duke, and ancient Hawaiian Olo builders! Ahhhh, the drama. Is it now an impounded asset, never to be ‘‘tested’’, the sweet spot never to be tasted? Makes one wonder how these ‘‘circumstances’’ continue to haunt this attempt to objectivly evaluate the board, and measure it against the brag.

If it’s a joke, it IS a good one. The true story of the Craigslist posting, would be quite interesting to hear. Of that, I’m sure.

guaranteed to be one of the surfermag bulletin board crew…pure comedy.

yes, a well done joke if it is one!

that’s got to be a joke

Roy hasn’t told me he’s auctioning it off

unless rhino is doing it for him

Haleiwa BIll has the board now

waiting to hear a ride report from him soon.


if its indeed a fraud, report it to the Postal authorities here in Hawaii

The The fed and US Postal Service has inspectors that do this stuff.

Since it’s on the internet and since its over $10K it could be classified as a felony and involve a supoena.

Mail and Wire Fraud are significant crimes worse than what OJ just got sentenced for.

Sometimes people are plain stupid especially if its a joke and knowing how passionate Roy is about his designs.

The CL posting says it is offered to the highest bidder to satisfy an $11,000 dollar debt. If the highest offers is $100 dollars, does he get it? Any reserve on this? If no reserve at $10K, or higher, then it doesn’t meet the fraud threshold. It does not appear to be offered for $11,000, just to the highest bidder.

The funny question is, what is meant by ‘‘highest bidder?’’ Makes one wonder.


if its indeed a fraud, report it to the Postal authorities here in Hawaii

The The fed and US Postal Service has inspectors that do this stuff.

Since it’s on the internet and since its over $10K it could be classified as a felony and involve a supoena.

Mail and Wire Fraud are significant crimes worse than what OJ just got sentenced for.

A public service announcement here: if it’s a joke and the jokester or anybody else gets interviewed by any kind of Fed or grand jury about it, tell the truth! If it’s a joke and they still want to charge and go to trial - very doubtful given the expense - you will at least go up in front of a jury.

If you don’t tell the truth, as in telling false or misleading testimony, the sky will fall on your ass and you could (quite likely) do time. If I recall correctly a couple of years ago false and misleading testimony in those circumstances carried a toll of something like up to 2 years in prison and up to $250,000 fine. Don’t think OJ, think Martha Stewart, who would have paid a fine if she told the truth but instead did “hard time”.

And I’m not “just kidding”…

Boy, an incident can go from civil disobedience, to hell in one word, perjury.

My best friend has been battling for years with a Banqladeshi bandit over his trademark.

Javeed Matin bought the rights to the trademark. then refused to pay up, dragging his feet in court for years.

Finally made the big mistake for lying in documentsto the courts and writing a worthless check for 125,000.00$ for contempt. He is being held- with out bail now.

The courts signed his house in Chino Hills to my pal last week to satisfied the judgment.

Google up this guys and see what a crook he is/was !

I normally look for surf equipment that will accelerate my surfing skills,lighter faster boards,fins with more drive etc. That thing looks like a pain in the a$$ to ride,the opposite of the direction I want to go…

Lots of Vultures in this world…huh Jim.

Nice to see you yesterday.


You mean like styro ?



It’s obviously a JOKE, but an interesting state of affairs does come to the fore.

I believe there’s was no official license passing the lawful possession from Roy to anyone, or any contract between Roy and anyone for return to him, much less payment on the shipping or handling of same, so Peter Pope’s brother basically owned it at the point when he paid to have it released from customs or whichever entity it was, and I reckon he turned it over to the commons.

So at this point, it would seem anybody can do whatever they want with it, if “Hawaiian” doesn’t mind.

and don’t think it can’t be traced…

we do it all the time

especially when money is involved

completely false and misleading advertising in public for a profit is a crime for those who don’t know. That’s why ebay and paypal had to change their act.

Also if something damages a firms “reputation or brand” for their “livelyhood” you can also be held liable. There’s allot of a-chasing litigators looking for work these days.

also having the feds (postal inspector/FBI) come to your place of work to “interview” you isn’t going to hold well for your performance evaluation and may cause your employer to think you’re putting their rep at risk…

The kid who smeared Clinton thought it was a joke too until they tracked him down and exposed him and embarrassed his family and maybe ruined his fathers future…

always remember this …

its all in fun until its not fun for you anymore…

BTW threats or harrashment by email is just as bad…


As I stated earlier, ‘‘The true story of the Craigslist posting, will be quite interesting.’’, eh? I wonder if we’ll ever hear it. You think?