Another chinese board?

That’s a good title. I’m sure a lot of you out there are going to have a look at this thread, eh eh eh eh eh…

In fact, the only chinese thing in this longboard-gun I am currently making for a friend is the cloth inlay that said friend chose himself. 100% pure silk. Must have cost him a lot. Well, although I’m not a fan of red as a color, I must admit that it does not look that bad.

The photos were taken at the hot-coat stage. Board is 9’7" x 22" x 3", shaped out of a 9’8"S Clark Supergreen blank with a 3/8" bass stringer. Bottom is red-tinted resin with 6oz cloth. Top is cloth inlay then 2 x 6oz.

Yes if fact I did look at this thread. I must say this is a really nice board. How does it ride?

That fabric is damn striking,

How did the layup process go with it?

Nice lookign board as well!

Will, Drew, thanks for your kind comments. The board has not been ridden yet, it’s not even sanded. Then it will need some pinlining and a gloss.

Drew, I glassed the bottom first (with a cutlap, of course) then laminated the printed cloth on the deck, masking a rectangular shape on the nose where my logo was to be laminated later on a white foam background. When the resin was gelled enough, I cut the cloth with a razor blade, following the bottom cutlap was quite easy. I also cut where the masking was, leaving the white rectangular shape for the rice paper. Then I glassed the deck as usual with 2 x 6oz. Then, hotcoat.

I thought you meant one of these:

This is advertised on Craigslist as “9’6” Brand New Surfboard (One of a kind) " built by “Santa Cruz BoardBuilders Guild”…one of the same ad sponsors from the new Google links on this here bb! Santa Cruz, my butt.

Balsa, I like yours much better! The silk looks great.