another delam repair question - step and time between them?

i’m pretty sure i screwd up my repair which just means ALOT more sanding.

the question: what are the exact steps when doing a major delam repair (major being cutting out the glass and using new cloth instead of the old)

how it started - i cut out the bubble and the bubble’d glass didnt fit. then i noticed a bad spot and cut it off. then decided i’d just use new glass.

so, i put tape @ 1 inch around the perimiter of the cut out. i then put in a mix of cabosil and resin to fill some of the spots where foam came out with the old cloth, laid down a piece of 4oz cloth almost exact size of the hole, laid down another piece of 4oz ontop of that about 1" larger than the hole, and laminated.

i waited for it to gel and then i trimmed at the tape line and pulled all the tape off.

here’s where i screwed up.

THEN i added another 4oz since there was still a slight dip and i laminated. and made a huge mess.

so i hot coated in an effort to have a way to sand off the mess in a day or two.

i’m guessing i should have left the tape on until i was done laminating?

sometimes i think making a board from scratch would be easier than fixing large dings / delams.

big question is,

did you sand the perimeter of the BOOBOO as to have a tapered slope for the new glass

If you did then just sand it all flush and put a light coat of gloss resin or sanding resin and lightly blend it

its probly on the deck so wax it up and go surf

no, i sure didnt do that.

yes, it’s on the deck. it’s about 2’ long and 7-8" wide. it’s pretty big. i’ll sand it down and make it surfable. beauty isn’t important to this frankenstein project as much as functionality is.

i’m also hoping i overlapped the cuts enough with the top 2 layers of 4oz.