another fin placement q

Ok I got a 68 egg rounded pin iwant to make a 2+1 any recomendations for fin placement. Also I have a 6’6 egg that should be a single fin any help is appreciated.

For the 6'6" I would put the 10.5 in box about 4 in up from the tail.

The 6'8" go 3.5 in for center fin, and 11to 12in for rail fins. do 6 degrees cant and toe in 1.5-2 in from nose stringer.

Those are just estimates. It really depends on what you want from your board. closer cluster, further back with more toe and cant will add manuverability where as the opposite will increase hold, drive, and control while trimming.

Thanks I just needed a starting point to work from thats along the same lines as I was thinking, Cheers.