Another keel

Here is another one I made, Maple and Purpleheart


Right on man. I never could figure out how you would clamp lamatations like that…maby you could enlighten me…any pictures of the gluing process?


  I don't have any pics of the glueing process, I know I should have, but look at the thread I started titled "first wooden blanks", here's the link:;#228529

It explains in gory detail the process of making a sunburst fin, including the glueing process, if you need me to clarify something just send me a PM and I will be happy to help.


hi Rolly !!

what are the dimensions of that , please ?





…cheers !


Height 6"

Base 5"

Thickness 1/4"

Rake 2 5/8" ( I think I measured right, from the rear of the base to point where the perpendicular line from the tip hits the horizontal line from the base, correct?)


thanks Rolly !

nice fins …I’d LOVE a finboxed pair of them for a fish !!



That’s a very tedious process. I don’t know if i have the skill to make those cuts on the table saw. Keep it up. I think I’ll stick to a more simple design for now, i like my fingers too much!


Just buy or make yourself a tapering jig for the table saw ( I should have done that!!), and you will be fine, I find it a lot of fun, get on with it and do it, you will get a lot of satisfaction out of it, take my word for it.