another one

8’2" x 19 x 22 3/4 x 15 1/2 x 2 3/4

thanks for the photos, Art !

These will help give me an idea for mine…

What width is the pod [‘tailblock’] corner to corner, please ?

How long a finbox is that, and what size SINGLE fin will you use , when not thruster set up ?

How far forward would you have the single fin ?

Thanks mate for your help …


p.s.- were those resin pinlines ?

Chipfish it is dumping buckets( raining like h%ll) here right now so I will get the tail measurement back to you. Personally I use a 9" fin and don’t use the side bites at all on my personal boards. To each his on. I place the fin just a little forward center of the box. Oh yeah it is a long box and the wide point of the board is appx.6" forward of the middle but don’t tell anyone. Hope that answers everything but the tail width.

Chipfish yes they are resin pin lines and the tail is 4.75 inches