Any ideas on a Pendo-style deck insert?

This is for a friend.  He’s repairing a board with a bad deck delam and wants to use a foam insert on the deck.  Something perhaps similar to what Pendarvis does except without the heavy rout-to-the-stringer approach they use to get the flex.  Or not.  I was thinking he could just scarf in a piece of EPS for the deck, glass over it and cover the repair with an exterior cork deckptach or that EVA traction pad material.  


Any other ideas?  

Hi gdaddy -

Is your friend doing this for flex or as a waxless pad?  

The Pendo boards I’ve checked out appear to have something other than a ‘simple rout to the stringer’ - I don’t want to give up any of his secrets but there is more to the concept.  I’m pretty sure he uses thicker pads and waterproof contact cement to attach them to the deck.

On an exposed cork deck pad, it has been pointed out to me that you’ve lost the compsand benefits in the way of strength and stiffness.  It is a good idea to do a structural glass job under the cork…  adjust laminate schedule according to foam density.  A single 4 oz. deck lam under the cork would be a disaster.

There are several sellers of the SUP ‘peel&stick’ deck pads that might work.  If your friend is willing to cut it to size, it’s cheaper than the pre-cut deck traction pads at the local surf shop.


message Lillibel… he did one a while back