any OLD blanks, or SECONDS?

Im looking for some old blanks that people may have messed up on , planed to thin or if you just have some extra cheap blanks hanging around send me a message i am interested in anything you may have,

THanks- J.d.;post=390953;page=1;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25;

Where you at? I may have some blanks you could use

how can i get ahold of american surf industries.

i went by the ol doffice and it was closed up so whats the phone number i can reach them at?

For starters you need to update your user profile so people know your general location. Then you need to go to the industry section and see what Surfding is selling for really cheap.

One mans trash is another mans treasure. Happy hunting…


Send surfding a pm and he well let you know

Surfding has moved his machine and shaping down the

street to Clearwater Glassing. Just google Clearwater in CM

to get the address. It is right across from the school in the

first row of buildings about half way down. Bring what cash

you can as you will never get stuff so cheap again! The stuff

is in the old building but you need to see surfding first. All in

all, great crew of guys getting together to survive and hopefully

prosper. Like was posted PM him for his cell # so he will maybe

meet ya at the old location.



Hi tube rider 345 ,

I known it comes across as a grumpy old man but location is important. You would be amazed how many people drive down Palomar Airport Road every day to get to the beach. A handfull of those people have contacted me through Swaylock’s and now were friends off line too. Probox is in Torrance so you’re in good company. Afoaf is just up the road from you in Hermosa. I call it networking. I have scored lots of cool free stuff from the BRO’s on Swaylock’s. But it’s all local guys…hard to give some balsa strips to a guy in Vermont because the shipping would be more than the stuff is worth…I did give an old second blank to a kid that goes to San Diego State…

Share the stoke!!! and the foam!