any one else using XPC 145 WHITE INEGRA TECHNO

Have to withhold my results.

All I may say for now is strength is apparent.

But I know the glue lines helped.

As this old board should have snapped a long time ago!

Tell us your take, ah please?

Nice pics.  But NO!  Why would I??  E- S-  Warp and Volan all get the job done.  Lowel

I’m always interested in a new build, but a question, what do you do about the ridge lines? Leave them uneven or fill it with resin?

Love ya bro!


A little of both, never flush.

More weight filling it in, went lite.

Still had fractures within fill.

2 boards same thing.

My point to the supplier, why offer this?

Feeling  betrayed 

deck 2 layer 4oz “D” size

to make business, lol.