Any quad longboard fans?

Anybody riding a quad longboard?  Please share your experiences.  Like 'em?  Hate 'em?   In what surf conditions do they excell and/or fall short?  What specific fins do you like for what size/type waves?  Pluses, minuses vs. singles, 2+1s?  Any and all information/opinions appreciated.









Interesting.  Round/rounded-pin is the commonest longboard quad tail shape I’ve seen. I’ve heard people complain about “stiffness” of wide swallow quads.

the idea of the “stinger” notches? I would guess they would give you a
wider platform for nose-riding and easier maneuverability from a trim
position.  I rode some 7’2" and 7’4" stingers back in the '70s, but
never any longer ones.

I would also guess that the bat tail handles bigger surf better than your “stinger”.

I get any of that right?  I’ve never ridden a quad (short or long) but
am interested in learning about what makes them work (or not).

the practical effect of moving the rear fin pair in from the rail?  Have noticed that while the positioning of front pairs seems to have
become fairly standardized, the distance in from the rail of the rear pairs varies much more from shaper to shaper. What fins have you tried on your boards?


seems to be working well eh?

Have watched that one several times.  That’s one of the few pieces of video footage of long quad I’ve been able to find online.  There are plenty of shortboard quad clips. I guess Guts is a UK (Welsh) outfit.  There is no information about that particular board at their website.


My quad was the best board I had until it delammed

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Just to update an old thread that I started…

I wound up with a 5-box, 9’6" rounded pintail (18"X22-5/8"X14-1/4"X3").  All the side boxes are Futures, so I was able to try several different quad sets from the Futures “Fin Tree” at one of my local shops.

Didn’t like any of them.  The board always felt like it was “in neutral” unless it was on a rail.  I probably dislike this handling characteristic partly because I spend a lot of time riding a 9’6" single fin.  So I wound up riding the 5-box as a 2+1 for awhile…but mostly didn’t ride it at all.

Then I decided to give it one last go as a quad, this time using some of those big ol’ Lopez GL1 SUP quads (reasoning that they might be proportionately more appropriate for a longboard, since most quad sets are made for lighter, sub-7’ shortboards or narrow-tailed guns).  These fins worked much better than the other sets I’d previously tried, giving me a lot more drive.  The board really woke up on the larger, set waves (5’-6’ that day).  I also had one of those Von Sol Knubster mini keels in the center box with this configuration.

I have surfed a couple quad longboards in waves in the 3’ to4’ range.  I have found them both to be very stiff.  They never really worked as well as I hoped they would.  I am of the opinion that for me, I prefer a single fin for longboards.  For me the pivot and spring of the single really work on longer boards.  Don’t buy into the hype that adding more fins will make your longboard high performance.  I actually added a single fin box to my buddies quad long board after the afore mentioned session and the board came alive.  He now uses it exclusively as a single.

Yeah…there’s a lot to be said for single-fin longboards: hard to beat the drive out of a turn and nothing noserides better.  But sometimes I just like to change things up and draw other lines.  Apples and oranges don’t taste the same either, but they both taste good.