Any SoCal shaper here?

I’m a newbie and want to start shaping and glassing my own board but i want to watch couple veteran shape couple board before i jump on it. If you are around socal and don’t mind me watch over your shoulder than send me a email or post here. i will even bring a beer or two over.:slight_smile:


Be patient…Watch the “Events and Happenings” section for: KEITH MELVILLE

You’ll learn all you need to know (almost) in one day.

Thanks, for the info.

I have set up a shaping room with a window into the Ocean Beach Surf and Skate shop in Ocean Beach. FINALLY ready to go. Contact me for best times, if interested. ACE,

Thanks for the offer. But you are down at SD and it is about a hour and half for me to get down there. If i ever go down there, i will give you a call. Again thanks for the offer.