Any1 know any Surfing and Shaping Film or Documentory? Should Swaylocks users gather info and make one?

are there any good documentories or films on shaping and surfing? If there are, give all the info you can… thanks

Riding Giants has lots of great stuff about the evolution of big-wave surfing (with some input on big-wave surfboards over the decades).

ya i’ve seen riding giants great movie, thats true. but i was thinking more like about shaping and just history of surfing over all u no like not mainly big wave.

have you seen all the old bruce brown films? – slippery when wet, barefoot adventures, etc…

no, how are they and what are they about?

does any1 else no any films?

they don’t really follow much of a storyline…it’s just video documentary of surfing the 50s and 60s and all the people that made it great…narrated by bruce brown. oh, yeah…and they’re awesome. check 'em out!

thanks for the info soulstice

does any1 else have anything to add?

…Single fin Yellow.


thanks. any1 got any favorites?

or any1 ever thought of making one? maybe swaylock should gather all the info they have and make one?

barefoot adventure is by far my absolute favorite surf movie of all time. excellent surf footage and very very very funny.

the part where the guy breaks into the shape to make the board is classic.

In Sprout there’s is some fottage of a guy making a wood board and it has some pretty good longboarding in it they also get some 70’s retro boards from Gerry Lopez that are sweet.

Herb, howdy,

remember indian dance around the burning green foam in “The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun”? THAT was a good glass job.




Took em’ awhile to strip that baby!

I still pick Greg’s brain over that movie.Herb

would love to eavesdrope on those conversations



Are you only looking for documentaries on shaping or how-to shape videos too? Because there are some of the latter. Most notably the shaping 101 and glassing 101 and the holy grail “Master Shapers Series”. You can find them here:

Glass Love by Andrew Kidman has a lot of shaping and a lot of different surfboards being ridden, also shows Pat Curren shaping a modern board for his son Joe. Litmus is also good, and there’s a movie coming out in the near future called Hydrodynamica about shaping and riding fishes.

The ShapeMakers
A Documentary About Surfboard Shapers by Paul Kraus[/b]
"The ShapeMakers" are a group of highly individual craftsmen who create beautiful and functional art in the form of surfboards.
Since early Hawaiians, surfing and board building have held a fascination for expert and novice surfers alike. A unique partnership between the surfer and the shaper can create the "magic board". [left] [left]Even though sufing has gone through many changes in style, the process of shaping a board and then riding a wave are the same as they have been for hundreds of years. [left] [left]John Severson, the founder of Surfer Magazine, and a film maker of much experience himself encouraged me to make this now because "there are living masters among us." [left] [left]It would be impossible to include all the great shapers who are working today in such a project as this, but I have selected individuals who have been pivotal in the development of the modern surfboard. Our conversations are candid, with lots of stories about shaping, and the surfboard industry. [left] [left]I hope others will enjoy this unique view into the shapers world. [left] [left]Aloha, Paul Kraus [left] [left]Music by: Howland/Imboden, the Pahinui bros., Alex Karl, Cindy Combs, Pekelo Cosma & Merrell Frankhauser

thanks paul… any1 else got any favorites or more information for all of us here?

I really liked LIQUID STAGE…and there is a little footage included on Bob Simmons as well.

thats chill… anyone else got any to recommend?

i was thinking has any1 ever tried making a surf film or documentory?