Anyone done brown on a board?

I’m building a board as a wedding present for some friends–which on some level is more of a challenge, as it is more tempting to say “no” when we have aesthetic differences. It is hollow wood, and only the cork rails will be painted. They are thinking I should do the rails in brown to “match” the wood. I’m not so excited about brown, for a variety of reasons–I’d be more inclined to a color that contrasts (rather than brown that might potentially poorly blend with the wood, or look like poop). The grain is going to pop on this board (particularly the middle planks)–pre-finish looks kinda bland.

So, convince me (preferably through pictures) that brown is a good (or bad) idea!

Here’s the board so far:

wedding board

bottom deck band

I would leave it alone.

looks pretty sharp to me as it is

If it helps, I think dark brown rails would look very cool.

Beautiful board, by the way.

leave it as is, pinline inside edge of the cork

beutifull board

Red always pops with blonde colored woods. 

Personally, if I had a friend that was willing to build me a board as a wedding gift I would just be thankful because of the time and effort they put into it, I wouldn’t suggest anything. If they did I would go with “turd” brown.

Nice looking board as is, but since you asked for opinions...

I'm not fond of the "particle board" appearance of the cork, and my preference would be for a opaque brown of about the same hue and saturation as the wood.  Careful brushwork with two colors could streak the color to approximate another wood.  To achieve this without sags you would have to stand the board vertically.

Long ago I made a board with opaque brown bottom and rails, clear deck and a cut line pinline, it looked well if you liked brown, which was what the customer asked for.  I never saw him again.

i think you are right - painting cork could wind up looking really bad.  honolulu has a good idea - opaque lam - over just the rails. you could do a ‘double cutlap’ just laminating the rails with an opaque brown. then glass as normal…

a dark red is also a nice suggestion…

To avoid confusion…I’m not worried about painting the cork (I’ve had good success with paint, things have gone less well with opaque resin, at least by my standards) I’m leaning towards a dark red/maroon, or a super dark brown. I’ve done black, blue, and gold and have been pleased with the results. thanks for the comments folks…still would love to see a brown board though…my computer screen mockups haven’t been inspiring.


Turd brown rails!!! YEAHH!!!