Anyone ever glass with bamboo cloth?

Was thinking about trying to glass with bamboo cloth.  Has anyone ever worked with it, and if so how was it. Is it more difficult than working with fiberglass?  Are you laminating one side at a time?

way more difficult than fiberglass. The bamboo cloth is like glassing a thick pantyhose. It needs to be stretched and double sided tape is used to hold it in place.

Thanks for the advice!  Sounds like a strange material to work with. Also still sounds kinda cool. And is a little cheaper. I would have to find a video on it. I searched for a little while and had no luck. 

greenlight surf supply has videos on glassing with the bamboo cloth.  Its takes some prep time to tape it all down and you better use lots of tape or it’ll move on you.  no way you can do freelaps.  One good thing is that you don’t need relief cuts because it stretches well. One really bad thing is that it’ll take a lot of resin and make a board heavy.

I did several boards with it and liked the process...I kinda saw it as a way to get started building boards in a more controlled way. I did my first 3 boards as free laps with fiberglass and was just horrified with how difficult it was. I ultimately went back to the fiberglass but I think the bamboo really helped my confidence. Greenlight is a treasure trove of how-to information. Buy a kit and Brian will set you up with everything you'll need including all the DVDs.

Thanks. Was starting to steer away from it but I guess I have to try one. I dealt with greenlight alot  before, and those guys are great. They always take the time to answer questions and don’t have that too cool persona. I’ll give them a call. Thanks guys!