anyone familiar with Josh Dowling's work?

see some extremely interesting going on with his builds…

cool looking shapes, tech looks cutting edge



I reckon Beerfan might be :slight_smile:

Lance check this out. Josh worked with Bert Berger when Firewire first started. I think he was resposible for making most of the boards while he was there. He definitely has the Compsand board wired. Someone made this great video about Josh recently.



Thanks for that, SC.

“I’m not going to sell my lineup of boards to a company who wants to stick them in all the shops…I want my customers to come to me”

the real deal…

I’ve yet to ride one but I have seen Beerfan’s board from Josh up close and the workmanship is top notch, he makes nice boards, he’s pretty handy with an airbrush too.

Josh is known around here as speedneedle.

I think he would be on a lot of peoples lists of shapers to get a board from. just wish I could afford one myself.

That Josh guy, yeah, I know him, we go waaaaaay back! 




Thanks gents, y’know, I’m touched to be regarded. My personal life has taken a battering lately and yet I find I can get in the shaping room and do my thing, knowing that some customers give an almighty damn!


Facebook gets updates much more often than the website - 





Sorry to hear that you’ve had a rough spot there. Your boards are so nice. I hope you’re making enough of them to get by.

I’ve got two of them. Totally sold on them, very light but not corky, fast as all get out and loose as a goose. Shoot out of turns. When I get back in the water ( knee cap broke ) there’s a good chance I’ll be looking for a 3rd :slight_smile:

Very very cool guy , good luck to him .

life drydocks all of us some time or another…here’s hoping for a speedy return to deeper waters…your boards are highly impressive!

life drydocks all of us some time or another…here’s hoping for a speedy return to deeper waters…your boards are highly impressive!

hi Josh , GREAT to see you back here !!


watch your mailbox next week mate


[ … it  might help take the battering pain away a bit , I hope ? ]



some orange tint was purchased yesterday … yewwwww !!


do you still like the yellow and green idea , mate ? 


  cheers !



JD’s an awsome board builder.

Arguably the best tech and craftsman in the industry from an unassuming man who has a great sense of humour…keep em coming speedneedle…
Cheers rich

agreed , Rich !  [ and ,  I’ve noticed ,  a **sense of humour **is seriously  lacking [irony eh]  , with far too many people who post here nowadays ]


  last year I had the pleasure of fondling one of Josh’s " thommo style "boards , made for Alex in sydney …I took photos of it , next to surffoils ‘jet bottom’, some may recall …


  cheers !



BEAUTIFUL work , Josh !


  nice to see the fin panels put to good use , mate !





photo joshsresultofmypanel_zpsb5495df5.jpg


more , from the masterful fin making of said person ! 


  nice work [as usual] , Josh !!


photo joshsfins_zps69fbcfdd.jpg

photo joshsresultofmyfinblanks_zps3213165b.jpg

photo joshsfinworkmypanels_zps1ae802b1.jpg

Quad HPLB?  A beauty, love the mix of materials.  

And really like that fin placement, riding one myself with very similar and it works exceptionally well.

The forward/spread fin placement creates a much larger ‘sweet spot’, board rides shorter and opens up the arc range.