Anyone from Hawaii made a portable two part board


Anyone from Hawaii made a portable two part board? I am hoping to do some travel next year and was interested in whether anyone had made and tested such a board in Hawaii (besides the commercial Bisect board).



Bob, not from Hawaii, but PierreB (i know you know him) actually made a three-part mini-longboard and he says it works fine. Maybe get in touch with him?

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Thanks. I have contacted Pierre as his photos were no longer showing on the Swaylocks threads about portable boards.

I recently came across another possibility - there is an Oz TV show called the new inventors. I contacted the guy who featured recently with a joining He seemed interested in working with a board maker on applying his idea.



A bit closer to home (Qld) is Jason Oliver from Hollow wooden surfboards, Brisbane, who had some 2 piece shortboards he made at the Currumbin Fish fry this year.

Always a few well priced guns for sale around here after the NS winter’s finished. Pretty sure he can retro-fit his system to any board.

Give him a call. 04164 75362.

Two-part boards are made all the time, any day when there’s appreciable surf, particularly on the North Shore. You can find 'em in trash cans all over, neatly or otherwise bisected by good 'ol Mother Nature. Why anyone would want to travel with one, I dunno. Most just throw 'em away. Damn potato chips, can’t last through one good outside set and they’re busted.

I was going to throw the 2 piece natural selection scenario in there as well Charlie but I thought I’d try to be serious because I had Jason’s business card.

Do you have any pictures of your board in photobucket or imageshack?

Hello Cuttlefish,

Thanks. I’ll give him a call and see how I get on.



charlie, I was thinking the same. Before fin systems became so popular we would cruise the

beach during good swells acquiring fins off broken boards. Nothing like that crunch and tearing

sound of recycling.


Cuttlefish, Pope has put in the most time and R/D. His boards are worth a look.

My bad Cuttlefish, I have little to no computer-typing skills. Bgreen, have you checked Pope’s latest. Mainstream but a proven system.


Thanks. I had previously looked at the Pope bisect. They have certainly put in the time and money on research. Problem is that I wanted a particular board/design outside of their standard offerings.



Hello Bob,

I’ve just finished to improve my trisect mini log (I added some carbon tubes). I’ll try to post some pictures soon.

In the meantime, you can have a look here :

Bonjour Pierre,

I tried and received a “Erreur 403 Refus de traitement de la requête (Interdit - Forbidden” message.

I tried e-mailing you a little while back, not sure if you received the message. If you have a gif file I could email you direct.

I took up your suggestion and contacted Balsa who has been very helpful - with some luck I will be south of you in July 2009 for a week.



Hi Bob,

I did receive your e-mail. Just haven’t had time yet to reply.

I gathered all the pictures I could find on my hard drive and

you can view them here :

Hello Pierre,

Many thanks for all the effort. Now I have some pics I’ll have to go back to the text and check the finer points of how the bolts are fitted etc.

I never know when my emails get through, as so many spammers have forged my e-mail address I am forever getting messages saying e-mails I never sent were blocked.

Hope the banks have improved up your way,