Anyone got info about SOUL surfboards?

Recently I picked up a 7’ step deck transition board. It believe it was made in the late 60’s very early 70’s. In 10" or 11" letters on the deck and the belly of the board is written “SOUL” in psychodelic letters. I havent found much about this board…I heard Velzy worked for a company called Soul surfboards - any connection? Any information would be appreciated…

I remember Soul Surfboards from Huntington Beach in the late 1960’s. They had a shop a few blocks west of the pier from what I recall. They had a real late 60’s counter-culture mystique to them. They seemed to put out a lot of very progressive, very cool boards, but probably not of the quality of the major makers. They lasted a few years and I don’t know what happened to them after that. I’m sure some H.B. locals will know more.

There is a SOUL surfboards by kevin Mcelland from Oxnard.Cylde beatty sells them.Very popular boards in Oxnard.Also his logo is great with octopus.