Anyone have info about this Sundek board?

That pair of Sundeks saw a lot of use and they still are in solid condition. They’re one of the few pairs of trunks I’ve ever owned that were not Birdwells. I would put them on par with Birdies when it comes to durability.  I switched back to BBBs in the late 80s as I wasn’t into the short trunks most brands were selling then. Funny to think that Birdwells were considered too long and baggy at one time.

Thanks Sammy. The way I would test our cloth and the stitching is I would take a pair and tie them to some rope and put them in the water behind my house in Cocoa Beach. After a couple of weeks submerged in the salt water I would wash them and if the cloth or the stitch didn’t hold up I did more research and made changes.

I never liked the short tunks but I had to do what the customers wanted and they wanted them short. I don’t like the long below the knee trunks either. When I had Sundek I had to cover the asses of the masses. Today I don’t need to do that. So I make them the way I like them. I don’t sell that many. But I don’t need to either. At least I’ve got good trunks to wear myself.