Anyone know anything about this board? Mitsven 7'3 ??

Found this old board broken and left for dead at the cove in westport, felt bad for it so I took it home and am fixing it. Its a 7’3 x 20 1/2 x 2 7/8 thruster, dome decked - kinda sharp rails for a funboard - has a mitsven logo on the bottom nose and top with a sun and water decal on it. Saw some guy trying to surf it may 11th at the cove- it was pretty big and i guess the board took the fall. any info on board or shaper helps- thanks dave

that’s a Mitzven board, hard to tell from the pic but the signature looks like Bob Mitzven, can be reached at Mitzven Glassing in San Diego, (858) 581-6220…

Just to supplement Keith…thats Bob’s signature so he shaped it. Bob Mitzven works out of Pacific Beach here in San Diego and makes just about anything you’d ask for. Very, very versatile shaper and all around nice guy.