anyone try the futures twin fin/tiny trailer in your thruster board?

anyone experimented with it yet and your thoughts?

yea, been there done that…

Just did it this weekend on a stinger and a stubb vector.

It seems to work better with a board designed for that type of setup like a high perf fish or something maybe with wings on the tail.

It don’t know if I’d try it on a standard thruster design like my Flyer since alot of their design profile seems geared to the pump thrust from the rear wheel.

On a fish tail the trailer seems to help from sliding out liek on floaters and keep some rhythm going as you pump back and forth between the two large outside fins. Could all just be an illusion though, I’m no pro.

main question is does the 2 large side fins make for a faster board when you pump? I’m kind of a speed freak some I’m mostly wondering if you go faster with 2 large side fins and a small trailer. What effects on laying a big bottom turn and re entry?

It’ll “feel” faster without the trailer.

Might track some if the sides are too big or deep I think the Future TF1’s are a little big in my opinion for a board without a wide tail. The keel designs seems to work better with a wide base and low profile. If they were FCS I’d say try the TC Redlines with a small trailer.

More sweep on the sides, more vertical on the trailer


you can get alot of speed but just watch the cutbacks as they’ll pivot some with the real big fins. Off the lips will be fun, just grind them out hard.

ive just used two fcs gy-300(?) I think on my funboard and it aws really loose, it was really easy to whip around but I had almost no control, it was like riding a skateboard with only back trucks.

The reason I tried this is because I was experiementing with a new back fin that I had made, but it fell out and didn’t really realise it until I felt my board acting really loose… Not quite the topic but yea