Anyone used "Ceatex Airbrush Colors"?

I’ve already done a archive search and found a discussion that skirted around what I am asking but it doesn’t answer the exact following question…so don’t start breaking my balls. Also the archive is from 2003 and would not let me reply to it.

I am about to paint a new board and want to try a pearlized green “Createx Airbrush Colors”. This liquid paint is water based and can be water dilluted BUT it’s NOT an ACRYLIC. The company offers acrylic colors that they say can be used on fiberglass but I would like to stick with this choice if possible. Does anyone have any experience with this specific airbrush paint? Did it fade, run? Holdup? I found the paint in the airbrush section of Pearl right next to Golden Fluid Acrylics, which I have used and had a great experience with in the past. I grabbed the Createx colors because of the unique color and didn’t realize it wasn’t an acrylic until I got home…from a novice perspective it seems to have the same properties as Golden Fluids.

I plan on doing a test on a small piece of scrap before painting but would like to have some reassurance before I paint up my killer new quad fish, The Flying Chupacabra.



Howzit loweryc, Those are good paints but you can buy paint just a good or better for a cheaper price. Lots of choices out there.Aloha,Kokua

Thanks Kokua! Just stoked not to have to drive back to the art store…I hate LA traffic.

I’m pretty sure Createx Airbrush paints are acrylics that have just been thinned down already for you. Here’s a quote from an online retailer…

"Createx is an acrylic based airbrush paint that is finely ground and non-toxic. It is formulated for use on fabric, leather, paper, canvas, wood and ceramics. Designs on fabric, leather or ceramics can be heat-set. Available in opaque, transparent, fluorescent, pearl, or iridescent. Available in 2, 4, 8 and 16 oz containers as well as sets. All colors except fluorescents are light fast and permanent. "

I saw their lime pearl and got a couple of bottles, for a future project… You’re right, I know the green you are talking about, and it is a nice color…

Show us the pics when it’s done!


All the createx I know of are water based acrylics…

another option might be either comart-medea - they rock

or etac…



I use Createx Airbrush colors. They’re OK for board painting. The paints are mixed thin to run thru fine tip airbrushes (like Iwatas) straight out of the bottle. It’s a good choice for fine detail work. I primarly use Nova Color paints for all of the work I do with the exception of Createx tranparent yellow. The best prices I’ve seen for Createx paints has been at Coast Airbrush in Anaheim. A gallon of Createx trans yellow cost me around $45 from them. Pearlescent paints lose their pearlescence when painted on the foam. You need a really smooth non-porous surface to paint on. I’ve had good success paintng Pearls on the sanded hotcoat and then glossing over it. Our glosser has had problems with the gloss separating on Createx paints. I use them only for painting on the foam. So for hotcoat Pearls I use Nova Color.

Finally finished the board. Changed colors once I realized that almost all my other boards are already green. Had major problems with a crappy compressor I bought at Pep Boys. Can’t wait to ride this sucker. Color is actually closer to the photo with me in it…the other was taken with a flash next to something else similar in color and the editing suite matched them.


Is that on EPS or PU?

PU…US Blanks. Foam shaped a lot better than the last board I did with Walker Foam.