APS3000.....board designed, now what?

Okay, I’ve designed my board with APS3000.

I am a garage shaper for myself.

However, how do I make an appt. to get my board machine shaped.

It 6’4" , and what are the assoc. cost estimates for the blank and machining.

I am in Orange County Ca.

try here


Hey Hal,

There’s a guy in San Diego that runs an APS cutting facility. Nice guy. His I.D. here is CKRSD. Look him up in the member directory for contact info. One tip I learned is that you can save money by using a blank that your cutting facility already has mapped into their system. I’d recommend you talk to the facility you’re going to use and ask them what blanks they have mapped. If that supplier has a blank you like, you’ll save the mapping charge.

Good luck,



Check you don’t have any tangent crossovers at the tail and tip. I did in the 1st one I did and the machine hacked into the rails pretty hard before the operator could stop it.