Hey guys,

I’m new to shaping and I’m trying to design my first board using the APS3000 cad system. I’ve got the basic dimensions of my board laid out but I can’t figure out how to do a swallow tail. I can’t add points where I think I need to in order to get the tail configuration right. I’m designing a retro twin fin fish. Is there any instructions that I can print out?

hey goober, currently the machine doesnt cut swallow tails, when ever i do any i just design the board with a square tail and shape the swallow bit in after. a lot of shapers i was involved with and have seen shape over the years generally shape the bulk of the board before cutting in the swallow tail. as far as help/printing you should be able to print the tutorial pages in the help menu!

Thanks for the information. I am really just using the software to help lay out the dimensions and then I’ll use it to make a template. That helps alot though. I’ll quit trying to make something that is impossible.

You have to add points, theres an explanation in… Cad v.s Reality thread…