Are all surfers cheap or poor?

Seems like so many of you are soooooo cheap! Or is it that most of you are l-a-z-y, have l-o-w paying jobs with NO responsibility (if any!), and are just dirt broke?

,legionaire,put on your hat!You’ve been in the sun too long!Herb

Is your name Henry Kinningger? Tom Hanks is a surfer, a real surfer. Think he’s lazy? I, on the other hand am definitely lazy. I collect snails for a living, and get paid ten cents per snail. I get quite a bit. I supplement my income by making professionsl quality cardboard signs for the bums at the end of the freeway offramps. I used to collect bottles and take them in for a dime, but they stopped doing that a quarter century ago. You missed another important stereotype. We are all on drugs too.

“Underneath the old red paint was several coats of blue paint,and underneath that were hard layers of a sand colored paint,and underneath that…” maybe my bro ambrose has found some words to appease our friend ?

I couldn’t make it in the real world. Way too much demand. So I decided to make some boards to supplement my income for the next hit or 6 pack. I dont expect much out of life.

Keep it real…

Hey, I believe in having a good steady income thats why it’d important to have a wife that works. Also, I’m not lazy… I’m working real hard at finding her a second job.

Keep in feisty !

cheap? no. CHEAP CHHEEEEAP cheaper than a third world housewife shopping for fish… all surfers ALL SURFERS be they doctors lawers chiefs postmen construction workers genetic masterminds…surfing is about the economy of effort ,no paddle take-offs,paddling out with the rip…$=work effort=not being at the beach Extravagant only on things of real value i.e.pendelton shirts last forever c.t.all stars cheap and last forever V.W. bug was the real reason for the short board romance 1968 thank you a 6’8" inside and lock the door…poor POOR PPPOOOOOOOOR self inflicted poverty alows one to surf the path of least resistance invisible to one who is financially over endowed…such over financed types will pay money… to some to bathe in the glow of these transendental economists . The perameters of the design criterion of a world favorite surfboard designer include united states post office size limit … two piece epoxy board each piece just under the limit total shipping to hawaii $24.00 brilliant tom truly brilliant! Bunker wasnt cheap or poor ,he seemed out of place aged at an accelerated rate and left us prematurely at the hands of misguided mercenaries bless you bunker.Surfers make up the balance to being cheap and poor by being resorceful respectful of power [ natural and other] fiercly loyal to geographical entites i.e. rincon. paddleboard cove, pedro creek.,goat rock, gizbourne say the name of a spot and watch the reaction …more like an older brother than a serial rapist. The guy that buys a piece of surfing equiptment from Abercrombie and Fitch wrecks it and throws it away…make it… Investing personal mana …keep it forever or carefully bestow it upon a cherished aquaintence,wether they realize it or not a gift from the deepest part of ones self .Cheap? If you wish to assign a monetary value currency is not where richness is stored or extravagance displayed. Every day I dont surf my most cherrished spot I am activly giving away an oppertunity for others to become greater selves. …forgive them they know not which they hold in their charge… Dont ever dilude your self into thinking what a surfer values has anything to do with money or tennis shoes or cars or surfboard labels its all about the next wave it’s worth all you have… a regular googooplex. investment oppertunity…how did I do Ogden old man … ambrose on QUE…[the britsh pronounce it kwoo unlike the spanish who call it “K” as in es es o]

Uh, we want the waves to be over our heads, not your essays. When it comes to everyday conversation, It’s always overhead for me.

thats it my brotha. the hand-me-down Dewey Weber Preformer my uncle gave me in 1969 (I watched him put ten toes over that board at our local beach break), I was 11yrs old,I had it cut-down(from the nose) so I could carry it. cheap? poor? try wealth beyond comprehension.

Hey, theres no problem understanding Ambrose if youre tuned to the right frequency!