Are there any good wetsuit manufacturers?

If your looking for a new suit make sure you get one with the liquid seam seal. This new flexible liquid tape keeps water out, is flexible, and helps hold the suit together. I won’t wear any suits without it!

Checkout what full suit Kelly Slater is seen wearing in some ads lately…Quiksilver “Cell”.

Xcel is getting the good word here in New York. Wearing fin socks under booties can help keep your feet warm and also helps the booties slide off at the end of a session. A friend of mine wears Patagonia wetsuit short sunder his suit…they have a slightly high back that fills the space between back and wetsuit that thinner people tend to get in winter suits. He says it makes him much warmer.

I have a 5mil Gul “Titanium Extreme Free-ride Steamer” that I got 2 years ago. It has been in the water about 200 times and has held up better than the o’neils I have owned. It is all smoothie on the outside and sheds water well. It has these clever ankle straps that seal the ankles from all leakage. I have used it in water as cold as 45 degrees with detached full-neck hood and boots/gloves with acceptable warmth, though in colder water I would want a built in hood and liquid seams (like the new version of the Gul). My old O’neil Zen is comfortable but hard to get in and out of and the seam tape fell off after 3 weeks. The super stretch arm panels rotted away after 1/2 season and had to be replaced by the factory. The repair was terrible as the suit lost its flexibility and the repair introduced a 180 degree twist in one arm. The replacement tape fell off leaving an abrasive glue that gives a full body rash so I can’t use the suit anymore. The new psycho suit looks nice but has that stretchy neoprene that fuzzes up as soon you put the suit on. I would suggest getting a suit with a built-in hood, liquid seams and all-smoothie exterior. The smoothie exterior doesn’t fuzz when the velcro hits it either.

,YEAH,I have a 4/3 GS COPPER/CELL, it’s really warm,flexible,strong in construction…I can’t tell you the price because I got mine below cost,alot below,as a favor,but it sure is a nice suit!Thanks Kelly. …I have 3 Xcels a 2/2 spring INFINITY,5/4 hooded INFINITY,and a 3/2 econo-Quest,all are great suits with the exception of the Quest it’s kind of stiff like old rubber styles ,but it’s warm for it’s light wt. …Coral Reef on Beach in Westminister,Ca.makes customs and I here nothing but good about Hotline.Herb

I’ve never felt any restriction from the rashguard, polypro or lycra. Also, my hood has smoothskin around the neck and with a good fit and a high neck I’ve never had an issue with water in the neck. Getting water in around my face has been a serious issue tho’. regards, Håvard

Brian wrote: "but the 3/2 psycho is warmer than my previous o’neill 4/3. " Are you sure that the 3/2 is warmer than the 4/3 was when it was new? When getting a new wetsuit, it’s easy to mentally compare it to the suit you’re replacing(and you’re replacing it for a reason). regards, Håvard

I live N. of Boston. H20 temp is presently around 40 degrees and getting colder. If the air temp is at 38-40 this time of the year it feels balmy. Just bought an O’Neill Psycho 2 6/5/4 and the thing rocks. Super toasty and not so bad on entry/exit thanks to the Zen thingy. I agree about the velcro chewing up the suit. I took an old scrap of fleece and stick it to the neck velcro when I am getting in and out. Makes the process much easier and reduces dammage. I’ve had O’Neill’s for the past 15+ years, they seem to fit me the best and last the longest. Friends RipCurl has been sent in for repairs 3 times in the duration I owned my last O’Neill without a single problem.

i have a 6 mil oniell psycho.its very warm but they need to rename it to the Houdini or the grappler.i have to stand on one sleeve to start to get my shoulder out and it still takes about 10 or so minutes of strong energy to shed the skin.ill probably go back to the Exel 5mil its an exellent suit for warmth and comfort without the grappling

You won’t be needin all that rubber soon enough!!!

You need a good suit on days like this! Sam Hammer, NJ, last Thursday…

Great info…was just pondering about good quality suits. Helpful posts. Hats off to that Sammy guy in the photo. That says it all… gotta hand it to the guys who hit it in freezing h20. It’s a whole different mindset. (I’ll say!). Props to the TRUE winter crews.

Excel gets my vote. I just got a 5/4/3 2 months ago and I love it. Keeps me warm for hours in WA waters.

NJ again…cold.

Would you guys recommend a 3/2 excel or a 4/3 excel for winter Cocoa. Water might get 50 degrees at the lowest. I’ve never owned a wetsuit before but I want to buy one.

a 4/3 w/ light boots and gloves (or no gloves on a sunny day) will keep you toasty and fremain flexible in 50-55 degree water. Go for the 4/3, you’ll appreciate it on windy or overcast days.

I was thinking the same thing. Wind is killer.

sweet wave!!!

Coral Reef in Westminster

Re O’Neill, surfing every day last 3 years or so.  Have had Heat, Psycho 2, and Psycho 3.  Warmth and mobility were predictably better from each upgrade to the next, but none survived more than 1 season.  Buy the suit in the winter, and by the spring there are bare spots happening, and by summer your warmth level for a 4/3 is on the level of a 3/2.  Before 1 year’s done, the shoulders are bare, the suit’s leaking all over the place, and the seams are all cracking.

O’Neills only last more than one year for people who don’t surf much, unless you count using last year’s winter suit as this year’s summer suit as lasting.