asking for trouble?

If I make the bottom of my next board opaque black using pigment, am i asking for trouble with splotches and uneven coloring? Couldn’t find much info in the archives about this. Board heating up won’t be a problem will it? I keep all my boards in socks or bags when not in use and never leave them in the car. But will regular use in the sun cause delam(water will keep it cool?)?

Help is much appreciated


I made an all-black board recently. Black pigment tends to be a strong pigment, but I had excellet “hide” when using just under 1 ounce per side. You can see the board on my website if you like, under “special projects”

Even on cloudy days, the color definitely heats up quick, if you can live with this added headache, and it is important to have this color, then go for it. I noticed that a cloth board sock does very little as black absorbs radiated heat (sun does not have to directly hit the board). If you do a gloss and polish, and you accidently let the board overheat just once, the finish will get “waffled” and essentially be wrecked. The padded white or silver day bags seem to work for short periods.

If you ever get stranded on a camping/surfing trip, the board will make a great skillet to cook on…

I rode black boards for just about a year. It just became such a headache to always have to put it in a bag. Seriously 30 seconds in the sun was enough to burn your forearm when carrying it. You do get some great reactions when you have a black surfboard. The question i always got was “Who did you convince to make a black surfboard for you?” I just told them i knew a guy. haha.

Austin S.


nice looking boards! Is that a volan deck patch ?

those are some sick boards austin and plusone, i guess its not too hard to keep the color even then?

I also have a 7’ stepdeck egg that is resin swirl black/dark grey. Here’s a pic

Greg noll surfboards i geuss learned that the hard way the made a few black mickey dora models and i know some one who owns one

hey vern,

Yes that is a volan deck patch. All of my personal boards receive them. I am very hard on my decks.

Austin S.