Aus Fish Fry 08 pics

Thanks Grant for putting it on again this year


Who are these likely looking lads?

By Free2B



who’s logo is that?

I saw a guy killing it on a gorgeous dark maroon fish with a similar logo the other day at el porto

the board was beautiful.

That would be Dick Van Straalen’s logo. He’s the one on the far left wearing the striped shirt in the above photo.

Wow, there were some beautiful boards there. I love the full color graphic inlays. Looks like a lot of fun was had.


The board is a Dick Van Straalan (DVS), legend status, IMO

It’s odd seeing a timber board coming out his stables!

His usually making them out of CF or some other deep secret composite proto type being test piloted by Rasta in some remote locale

Heck, could have been Rasta riding the one you saw


thanks heaps for the photo link !

i’ve said it before i’ll say it again …

WHEN will someone bring , photograph , [and surf !] a single fin fish to one of these many events ??

[they DO work WELL, you know !!]



Therse a few more pics here