I had two other recent posts with Australasia in the title, so this time it’s just Australasia. While I’m here, why is Marko and Resin Research industry standard? Should this not be industry standard in America? And what does America have to do with Australia and New Zealand? Just think of Clark versus Australian made foam. Nothing against America, it’s just this neck of the woods has stuff that’s just as good I believe. I also think ATL and Core Fusion may be filling the void in the EPS/Epoxy side of things. Just seems hard to get their stuff in small quantities in NZ. But having said that, I’ll take whatever’s going, so long as it’s cheap enough.


may be because people like you call America a Country named United States…

so, the guys seems that ve got a lot of ego…

yes, the Australia foam was way better than Clark foam but CF had better plugs

so is a Country who lives blind to the whole world

I think CF shut down was good to open some eyes…

straight dope

america was A guy named Vespucci

who never went there.

the americas

are unique

as are all the other continents.

the grand experiment continues

breaking rules and boundries daily

good and bad examples reside in concert with excellent examples

one of which was the life cycle of clark foam

and gordon clark

a benevolent man

and ruthless bussiness man

at the same time.

blew good bad and great foam

if you got a t’shirt and some good foam

you won.



the home of the kangaroo

wun tun

america the home of great potatos ,corn, chili and BARBECUE!