Australian made Paipos

Does anyone know of Paipos like those Austin (USA) produce being made in Australia?

Here’s a link to Austin.

I saw it here on Swaylocks though: Page 11 of the “What are you working on…” thread.

Hey Cuttlefish,

If you can't get one made locally we would be happy to see what the shipping would be to get you the real deal.  If you have a local shaper we can even send our dims to him/her so they can build you one.  The pic below is my first paipo contest.  I am the old guy in black with the light green paipo. I am just getting use to riding mine but I still had a good time.    


Sorry for the late reply.

Been down the coast chasing some waves.

I’ll have a talk to some of the local shapers to see who would be interested in making me one.

Let me find someone who’s keen first and your kind offer of some dimensions will be gladly taken up.

I reckon Dick Van Straalen may be the one.

Don’t have any links to footage of the boards being ridden?

While on the subject of prone riding.

Standing up at the lighthouse at Cape Byron this morning I had a possible George Greenough riding his mat out at Wategoes sighting. My surf check monocular didn’t have quite enough magnification to zoom right in on his giveaway hair style but it sure looked like him.

i have a couple half built wood/foam combos , maybe you could motivate me to finish them…

G’day Dave,

Funny that I typed my reply quickly as I’d just got home and didn’t want to park myself in front of the computer.

Later thought to myself that you’d be the one to do it if any files were sent to me.

I was going to drop in to your shop on the way through but the new motorway had me blow right by the Goldie as our little fella was asleep so made the most of that and didn’t want to stop.

Always keen to try something different in the surfing spectrum.