Backyard 6'1 Build .brd printed file to finished board, made an effort to take photos while making this one last week.

6’1 x 19 x 2-5/16

USBlanks 6’3EA Red

4+4(+tailpatch) x 4oz

UV Cure

FCS Fusion

Experienced Surfer- 5’11 @ 190lbs (moving to American Samoa)

Nice board!

I like the paintlines.

thanks - he said it reminded hm of the Atari logo. The blue stripes were done with Krylon H2O rattlecan, the black is thinned acrylic & spray gun

hey bud

great board for sure!

looks real mean

how deep is the concave and where did you put the fins?


Real nice! Man, i’ve been wanting to make a few solid templates so I can router them out. Do you have to size down the template to compensate for the router cut? If you don’t mind fill me in on how to dail that in. Thanks,


I’d like to know what those two long boards are… fairing boards for truing the template? What are they made of?