bad case of the runs...

no, no…it’s not what you’re thinking. it’s the airbrush! so, yeah…anyhow…why would the airbrush bleed when i do the lam.? i let it dry thoroughly, but still it runs! especially reds. also, same deal with logo paper. black tends to be fine, but reds run like crazy. haven’t tried blue yet, but still…ARGH! what would make it do this?

(fortunately, it isn’t on a board that i did. i’m shaping with someone and i noticed that his airbrush jobs tend to run a little. when my board is in the spray room, how do i make it not run?!?)

Some paint colors will, some won’t, even though they are the same brand. The guy who taught me warned that the yellow he used would run unless it was at least lightly misted with Clearacryl or some such clear acrylic coating (he was spraying color directly onto foam). Others on this list have suggested thinning the acrylic paint with Future acrylic floor stuff, I haven’t tried that yet.

I’ve had some bad experiences with red too… spraying lightly helps a lot (not to mention it’s a great habit to be into). I always coat with Future now. I also let it dry a couple of days to a week - just because… obviously it’s a different situation if you’re in production, but as a hobbiest, it’s no problem.

Some say that Gloss coats make paints run worse too.

I’ve never had any problems with my laminates…