Balsa blank suggestions


I used my last balsa blank for an egg, and my stock of raw lumber is down to enough that stringers are an option but anything bigger than a kneeboard is going to require grafting…

After a long hiatus, and after a few old customers contacted me, I’d like to shape a couple of balsas in the coming months. Being more out of the loop when it comes to sourcing is near impossible, so… any suggestions? I have no idea who is making or marketing what at the moment, and with what kind of reliability. 

Years ago when I was just starting with wood I got blanks from Skip K, then Sharkbay was my principle supplier for both milled lumber and blanks, then a fellow lucked into a stock of top-notch blasa lumber near Lourdes of all places… but now? I’m open to suggestions! Blanks are nice at times, lumber is fine in general but unless I’m bringing in a ton of it it’s hardly wallet-friendly in terms of transport.

Many thanks.

Hi Jeffrey, does Jeremy still have any stock? The last lumbers I got were from him but it was more than a year ago.

Hello Guilhem!

I think Jeremy still has both some raw lumber and a few blanks - the problem is that as the stock is low, the weight is way up there. I could probably build in samba and come in lighter, actually we can drop the probably.  I like chambering as much as the next guy, but…

hi Jeffrey…I can make you a custom balsa blank , but the transport cost may (or may not) be prohibitive…I’m really not sure . What’s the destination country , and I will find out and let you know…there is some excellent balsa stocks here in Australia at present .

Kayu, thanks for chiming in. I’ve admired your work for years now.

I’m in the southwest of France so the nearest air freight airport is Merignac, which is easy in terms of access and customs (once in Spain they wanted to cut open a balsa blank “just to be sure”).

I’m definitely interested in different options in terms of wood type and blank construction methods, with weight being a priorty.

Love to continue the discussion, by pm if you prefer.