Balsa in Aus?

hey guys, long time member, first time poster!

I have been planning to make a HWS (Jenson style!) for a while now, and after pretty much deciding on the shape (9’3 noserider traced off a friends Mick Dooley board) I have started to search for materials, I’m mainly having trouble with finding decent length Balsa (3m), If anyone has any knowledge of places near Sydney Australia, or companys that ship there it would be greatly appreciated, I can cut and thickness it myself so dressed or rough sawn are both fine. Also any info on where to get carbon fibre, epoxy, thin cork for rails etc would also be helpful too. Thanking you in advance!


Robbo. Try Riley Classic Balsawood boards. His ad says he will supply big sections, sawn and dressed. I think he is on the Sth side. Down Cronulla way.

For carbon, epoxy and every think composite you can’t go past FGI (Fibreglass International) in Brookvale. 02 9938 7222 14 Clearview Place Brookvale

Hope this helps platty.

thanks heaps platty, i will check all that out.

hey guys, just giving this a bump in case anyone missed it! has Ecuadorian balsa wood in sticks of 120mm by 80mm by 3m and wants approx $150 each, as this is the only place I can find so far to have balsa in such lengths is this cheap, expensive, normal?

any more info would be great.

cheers, Robbo.