Balsa Stringer..

Hi guys,

just started to copy my uncle’s 6’2"

( finished measuring and templates) ,

it’s gonna be built from EPS (30kg\M^3)/epoxy .

my uncle wants me to keep it light so I guess I’m going to do 4-4 deck and 4 bottom.

since I have a really big amount of balsa plates at home,

I want to use them for the stringer.

what do you say about a 5mm - 6mm thick of a relatively hard balsa as a stringer.

b.t.w - the board is 2 5/16 thick

Thanks .

I’ll post a build thread as soon as I understand how to upload pics.


If I did my conversion right… 30kg\M^3 would be 2 lb eps…

4-4 deck 4 bottom sounds too light of a glass schedule for 2# foam

have you thought about using your balsa to make parameter stringers instead of traditional stringers?

I think u converted correctly… maybe 1.9 lbs

what do u mean 4-4D and 4B is too light?

will is break easily or get pressed areas under my feet?


Parameter stringers??? what r they?

sorry for asking too many ques’ :wink:


oh btw,

I built a 10’2" using the same foam

with 6-6 deck and 6 bottom.

it seems to be super strong…

is there such a big diffrence between the 4oz and 6 oz?

what do u mean 4-4D and 4B is too light?

will is break easily or get pressed areas under my feet?

Just likely to be soft. Maybe fine on 2# foam. I tend to lean towards heavier glass schedules. I would have thought you’d want either 6-6,6

Parameter stringers??? what r they?

some good stuff on this in the archives (i.e. search) in short either stringers a inch or two in from the rails, or build up 1/2 to 3/4 inch balsa wood rails.

G’day Lee

My current boards is 6’0x 18 3/4 x 2 1/4 35kg/m3 eps with a hardwood stringer, and deck is 4+6 and bottom is 4oz.

Only had about a dozen surfs on it and the area under my back foot is starting to sink.

If you only want to use 4oz maybe an extra patch under the back foot.

Just a side note . I’m pretty hard on my boards. especially my small wave boards.

good luck


Ps. Fastest board I’ve had in ages.

Hi Lee,

If you have access to balsa then I would suggest a looksee in the archives on “compsand” sandwich construction. Basically, in it’s basic form you skin the balsa around the eps foam creating a “sandwich” of foam, glass and wood. Durable, light and looks great.

a patch under the double 4 deck glass should keep it pretty durable if you don’t want to go down the balsa road.

BTW it’s perimeter stringer and basically its a stringerless blank with balsa wood layered up on the unbeveled rails prior to shaping. Check the archives you’ll find a lot.

good luck!

Hi all,

Thanks a lot for the comments,

I got the idea.

It seems like I’m going to use the same materials as on my longbord. 30kg eps and 6oz fiberglas, stringer is Okome plywood…

If you have a better idea to make it lighter and keep it

strong I’m here to learn.

wish me luck,

pictures will come soon.


Okoume ply is suitable, even with 6oz glass your board will be plenty light, i’ve made boards with Okoume stringers up to 18mm thick (cuz I like em a tad heavy…) just be prepared to get intimate with your spokeshave…

Use small paint roller for your lam and you can be very efficient with your epoxy usage.

Seal the blank after final shapeing with a thin coat of microspheres/epoxy or get the proper “spackle” as GregLoehr uses.

Check the archives

Have fun!