Balsa sweet Balsa

John Mellor, that is one fine stick you posted there! I am working on my third Balsa & I can tell you that they are definatly a lot more work than the basic foam or eps. (But you already know that) I just aquiered 4 very nice Balsa blanks; 10 stringer, 6 stringer. & 4 stringer & a single stringer. My original intent was to shape them all, but I may opt to let a few go, as I now have a Plantation source in Equdor I have also looked at those Yaters that you spoke of. How did you do those curved nose pieces?? Ray

Hey Ray, if you are interested in parting with a balsa blank I might be interested in it, assuming it’s not too ungodly expensive (I know they aren’t cheap…) I gather you’re in LA somewhere? I"m in San Diego. Lemme know, thanks, Keith

Kieth If you give me an e-mail address I can send pic’s & price. My kids live in Cardiff & I will be down this weekend. Ray.