Balsa / Timber for surfboard making

Hey guys,

I’ve always wanted to make a balsa surfboard and I finally found some good instructions at in the form of a DVD.

Unfortunately I am located in Europe and the company is in Australia - so shipping the balsa isn’t really cheap. Now I’m looking for a balsa supplier in Europe that also offers large section sizes. So far no luck - I know it’s a long shot but can someone help me out with info?

Thanks heaps


All I can say is good luck, I’ve been trying for years to find balsa over 4’ in the UK, only ever met one guy who managed to find some and he wasn’t giving up the info on where if got it from. I would pont out that I’m either really busy or very lazy so I can’t say I’ve been looking that hard. Been meaning to do some tests joining shorter lengths.

I know Homeblown do balsa blanks, maybe they will sell the raw timber.

As an alternative you could try western red cedar but it’s harder to work with, heavier and more expensive. On the plus side it looks fantastic and you can find it in length upto 12’

If its just the look your after and you not so interested in a solid or chambbered board then I’d go down the compsand route and skin a foam core with balsa and make balsa rails.

Sorry I cant help more.

If it’s an in-stock blank you’re looking for, Viral surf supplies in Bidart, France carries some Shark Bay blanks from time to time.

I also order blanks directly from both Skip Kosminski and Shark Bay several times a year, and would be happy to have you order one with mine. Skips blanks come directly into Bordeaux via airfreight, the SharkBay blanks have to be picked up in Irun, Spain. Both blanks styles have their advantages… I’ll be happy to answer questions as I can.

Skip might be willing to cut the lumber and ship that, he’s always been great with my requests. Shark Bay will also do it, but the cuts/selection will be, shall we say, varied in quality…

Hope that helps a bit.

I had some good quality lumber, but it’s almost all gone into a dozen or so balsa shapes over the past few years. There might be enough left in the garage for a 10’ something if you’re interested.


Thanks guys for your quick replies! I didn’t think it would be that hard to get a hold of large section sizes of balsa. I guess I’ll keep looking around since I really want the wood and not a pre-shaped blank. But thanks for all the info. I’ll get back to you if I find a supplier and I will definitely post a pic of the finished board.

Thanks again!