Well, I decided since I’ve got plenty of time on my hands that I’m going to make a EPS core balsa skinned board.

I’ve read a few of these types of posts a while back but I don’t remember really what to do.

My plan though, is to get some EPS, hotwire the rocker into it along with the basic shape. Make balsa rails (two pieces of balsa shaped and the top skin is going to overlap the interior balsa rail) and then layup 3/32" balsa skin on top. What I wanted to do, is 6oz glass under the balsa then 6oz on top. Would this be strong enough? OR should I use some other type of adhesive then epoxy to first glue on the balsa then layup some glass on top? I’m just getting my balsa from a local craft store (3"x3’ boards) since it’s right by and cheap enough I guess.

Good, tips, comments?

I’ll post pics when I start and when I finish.

I really don’t know why I’m making this considering I no longer surf :frowning:

"No longer surf :frowning: " What’s that about?

For your other questions…it has a lot to do with your EPS density.

If 1#, use 6 oz inside & out on the deck skin, 4 oz inside & out on the bottom. (You can use all 6 oz, especially if you already have it, but it will be heavier and more overbuilt than necessary…)

If 2#, 4 oz everywhere is plenty, especially as 3/32" gives you a little extra for strength.

I think a lot of us are just using 1/16". I’ve used as thick as 1/4" and as little as 1/32" veneer…1/16" gives a good strength/weight/flex (at least for 10’ boards like I build).

This is going to be probably about 7’

I don’t surf mainly because I’m on the West Coast… of FLORIDA! No waves man.

I kitesurf though, wind was kickin today tomorrow too…

I just want to make something besides a kiteboard, and I saw some balsa the other day and thought it was a good idea…

Either gotta find someone to buy it though, or just let it sit… :frowning:

EDIT: #2 eps by the way.

making a board and it not getting surfed is sacriledge!!

boost it on ebay if you have to sell it…

or i’ll pay for the postage and you can send it to australia as a … umm… travel board…yes… that begins and ends with me :wink:

It’s impossible to lick your elbow… having said that… I know your going to try it!!!

Yeah, it’s not that I won’t surf it, because if I ever got a chance I would… but over here we never really get the chance to do so…

As long as I could make up MOST of my money spent on it, I’d be happy…

Well, I’m going to make it then post pics here and then sell it to someone at my college… shouldn’t be hard.

guy in the neighboorhood kites long boards

no straps

got a 7’10 last week!

kite da buggah

laird and kalama kid were kiting an outrigger surfing four man

outrigger canoe…dont surf anymore?


you havent started getting stokd for the year…


I’d kite a longboard if we had clean little waves here… But, unfortunantly we don’t…

I like to create… so I’m definently going to do it…

I figure I’m going to sell it at school, or trade it for a new harness, mine made a mighty bad rash on my chest.

We get plenty of waves on the gulf coast, so long as you are fine having fun in waist high surf a lot of the time. don’t know where you are at, but everywhere from clearwater to venice has surf with every cold front that passes through and during hurricane season.

But that’s when there’s wind… and I kitesurf.

I’d much rather kitesurf then surf.

Not to mention the waves are really choppy anyways.

Well that sounds more like preference than problems with the waves. The cleanup the day after can be great, so kite when there is wind from a front and then surf the leftovers, don’t need perfect waves to get out there and have fun, especially if you are shaping a new board, might as well use it.