Bamboo veneer needed for snapped board!

Hello there!

Who can help? I snapped one of my favourites (they all are at one time or another) today, surfing the closeout barrels of Scarborough beach…

The board has lost a chunk of bamboo veneer on the top and i would like to repair her so that she is pretty again!
I am wondering if there is anyone from Australia who could help me out?
I used to work at the Bamboo Surfboards factory in Byron Bay before it shut down.
Anyways, the board has served me fine and it was one of the few high quality boards that came out of the factory.
In the past seven years she has seen some good waves in Europe, Hawaii and is now back in Oz again.
Surely there is still plenty of life left for her!

I hope someone can help!



By the way, the sizes of bamboo veneer would have to be roughly 1’8’’ x 1’3’’ and for the bottom 1’8’‘x 1’.

[img_assist|nid=1043260|title=Snapped Polyboo…|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=159|height=136]