Bark Paddle/Surfboards

Has anyone read the articles in Surfer or Outside about the Bark Paddle/Surfboards? What do you think? They look awfully nice.

some friends of mine have a few-loaded 'em up and did a paddle around conception.anyway, the boards are sweet machines made to paddle and surf(which they do quite well)definitely on my wish list.if you have an opportunity to get one, do it!

I am going to try and ride one of those that Matt saw this weekend Ill post how it goes. they look unreal , Bark seems to have this combo figured out.

Here’s my version of the Surf/Paddleboard 12’Long x 20”Wide x N-13” x T-12” x 3.75 Blank – Custom Clark 12’3” Supergreen w/Basswood Stringers…The blank was narrowed at the factory to allow for firmer foam once the rails were shaped… Glassing by Rob Brown: 4oz.S-Cloth…Deck x 3 - Bottom x 2…Glossed, Wet-Sanded & Polished …Glass-on Leash Loop… Wedge Tail Block of Red Cedar & Basswood… …It paddles fast, but not like an unlimited class paddleboard…Paddling out, it slips through whitewater well…Wave catching is easy, just don’t try sudden direction changes…Once you make it to the bottom, everything is easy…VERY solid when pushed hard on rail… I might add some leash plugs for tie-downs on the deck, but if I’m going far, I 'll just use my 24’er…THAT’S FAST…!!!.. Right now this board is on loan to a Seattle youth pastor who surfs, who will be using it for a fund raiser for the kids…He’ll paddle 4 to 5 miles on Dec. 21 in Puget Sound…It should be easy on this board… Paul

Dave Parmenter has been turning out some really nice big boards like that. There’s a 12’ DP “Fish/Paddle” board in Moondoggies (SLO) right now for a guy in SF area. It really looks nice!