Basalt Glass

Anybody feel like sharing info on how I can get samples of basalt glass?

Hey Taylor,

I finally got some samples of the stuff. The weave they sent me looks great for something other than surfboard. I think I’m just going to pull the roving apart and make some things with it. I sent them some samples of 2oz, 4oz, & 6oz glass and piece of 5.7oz carbon weave and told them that this is the type of fabric we need in the surfboard industry. That was 3 weeks ago. I still haven’t heard a thing from them. I think there all over in Europe and Asia doing their thing right now. I’ll wait another month and give them a call. It took four tries on the telephone to get them to do anything. So as far as I’m concern the whole idea is on hold.

Mahalo, Rich

Rich - thanks for writing! I emailed a couple of places. One in Sweden had “cloth” but… I do remember reading that Lib tech is using it in snow boards, but… Again, it’s the big who knows. If I hear anything I’ll post. When I get a pic of my latest fin, I’ll post it. Greenough stage 8/9?? The paddle type. Core of oak, carbon fiber, and stainless steel strips up the shaft, carbon to tie the “paddle” in, and only the box base. Epoxy. I have decided I like epoxy. I’m gonna build up some “body” to enhance flow along the leading edge, and at the base, with glass beads, as the flex:strength is good already, and I want to maintain the flex. I liked the guys fin who posted about his aluminum paddle fin. I am with you Rich, fins seem to be an important yet some what overlooked aspect of performance, that most accept as, “I’ll take my three where you put 'em.”