Basting the laps...Need quick answer

I just laminated the bottom of my board with 7oz. volan and a solid tint. After I cut the lap tape, I want to baste the lap “bump” with laminating resin, but am not sure whether I should use the same color as I laminated with or clear? The top will be laminated the same yellow/orange color as the bottom. I know the rails will be darker, but I don’t want an extra layer of “messy” darkness where I’ve basted the laps if that’s what colored lam resin is going to do to it, so I’m thinkng clear…??? Correct? Thanks.

I would use clear.

Clear would be my choice.

Tom S.

Ive used clear in similiar situations Tenover, but I think that using the same color would work just as well. Might kind of get a weirder darker shade, but I cant be certain. Going clear is a safe bet in my opinion though.

Get these kickass boards finished so I have something to gawk over when I head down to San D to get my gun :slight_smile:



Hahahaha…this board will be done this weekend, so you might be able to see it. Depends on how much effort I need to put into the polishing phase…