Beginner help

I’am making a surfboard for my high school senior project and I just got done shaping my first board it’s a 6’3 19 1/2. The only problem is I don’t really know how to glass at all. I have read other post but that only talks about certain parts of glassing. I was wondering if any of you could explain how to glass and how much it will cost and when will I put in the fins etc…

Check the resources… Im not that great a glasser… Josh.


Try to get Glassing 101 or the Damascus glassing video(shaping too). Or,see if you can watch one of the pro’s. It cost me about 75 dollars to glass a board. There are several steps. Check the archives, first. Come back with more questions. Pay close attention if Kokua responds. Mike

Hey thanks, does anyone know where I could find a glasser in North Florida, I would like to ask them a few questions, or even watch them glass a board