beginner question

I’m 6’0", 195 lbs, and an intermediate level surfer. I want to buy my first true shortboard. What is the smallest dimensions (width, length, thickness) for a shortboard that I should consider? Right now I’m regularly riding a 6’10" “big guy” short board (20.6 wide, 2.67 thick), but after riding a “more normal” 6’6" shortboard while on vacation in Peru, I really want to get one (unfortunately I didn’t get anymore info on that board). I’m thinking in the 6’4"-6.5" range, but I’m not sure what thickness and width I should go for. This board will be for riding 3’-7’ waves.

How would a 6’4", 19 wide, and 2.4" thick be for me?

Thanks a lot for any advice.


yo Rob,

pick up a copy of Essential Surfing by George Orbelian pg. 116, the Channel Island tri fin is “primo” for these dimensions. You and I are same sz. wt., this board rips in 4’to6’

Regards, Chris

where do you normaly surf is the big question. if you get waves that are like the ones you got in peru then go for it. but if you are getting mush burgers why go any smaller. just go to a local shop or on the internet and start looking. those dimesions sound pretty good to me though