Being simple

The natural tendancy of most human beings (esp. adult) is to make life more complicated. Yet America`s remarkable genius, Buckminster Fuller, said… “Dare To Be Naive”.

Is it possible that surfing, wave craft design and construction could be further advanced through simpler ways of thinking?

I think so Dale. Once the basic concept has been achieved, then a refining “less is more” kind of thinking can go into effect. There is definitely an attractiveness to an elegant design. Comments like “it’s so simple but works so well”, come to mind. The constraints of “simplicity” actually enhance the integrity of a design or concept…

i posted an ‘egg of the day’ a few weeks back and the comments included ‘camel nugget’, design by committee’, and the one that kinda stung ‘the next penguin’. Tough crowd. But i agreed with the comments becvuse the egg i posted was not a pure and simple shape, i was going more for different than simple. usually i live for simple clean curving lines, shoot i design streams for a living, … but if i look at the very simplest shapes, maybe the spherical revolver (as seen from the top) or somthing like that, i wonder if its too simple. high praise from a master shaper would be 'that has a lot going on" i guess i am looking for simple with a lot going on.

In engineering design, there’s a term : ‘elegant’, which refers to something that’s simple, straightforward and mebbe a paradigm of its own, that does the job with nothing extraneous. The bragging rights come in when somebody else looks at it and says ‘damn, why didn’t I think of that’.

But it’s tough to do. Gotta think well outside the box, discard a lot of previous art and go with what the essesnce of the thing is. .

This quote has helped me many a time with similiar questions.

I’m not a shaper and I’m an artist which leads me to believe this applies to shaping.

Charlie Parker

“Master your instrument, Master the music, and then forget all that bullshit and just play.”

“Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn. They teach you there’s a boundary line to music. But, man, there’s no boundary line to art.”

Shape art and see what happens.


nicely said CBS.

I think its time to post the picture of the native riding the 1/4" plywood again, in perfect trim I might add


I think “simple” has been done. It’s definitely wise to start off simple and complicate as needed from there. But we can thank our ancestors for their work on the simple and learn from it.

For some, a simple board is great and needs no further improvement. For me, I like to see highly creative ideas, even if they don’t work. These ideas, although bizarre at times, get our minds thinking beyond current thinking. To me, that’s what will improve surfboard design, if anything will at all.

And that’s why I’m here.

Look at the simplicity of nature. Its ingenious - absolute perfection. The subtle and refined ways of nature are so simple and effortless that it can be hard to fathom exactly how precise and efficient they really are. And after all, thats what we’re dealing with in surfing right? Adapting to something that has been streamlined by eons of refinement. So, IMHO (I mean, Im only on board #3) I would think that simplicity and refinement are very important concepts in board design.

…just a thought