Best and worst

I have been lurking around here for years and have seen a lot of helpful hints. I was just wondering what is the tip you found most helpful and which one never worked. Here mine:

Most helpful: When doing resin pinlines instead of sanding the area to be pinlined down to say 320 just take some clear resin and with your finger apply a thin coat to the taped off pinline. This will fill in the marks from sanding the board to say 80 grit. Paint on the pinline, pull the tape while resin is wet and you have a good pinline!

Worst: Using a heat gun or hair dryer to “pop out” crushed areas of foam. I never got this to work!

“Worst: Using a heat gun or hair dryer to “pop out” crushed areas of foam. I never got this to work!”

Well, it worked for me, at least on certain foam brands. I brought back to almost perfectly smooth what had previously been looking like a mine field.

Best recent tip: Haavard’s ‘‘simple hotwire rail band tool’’.

Worst: All the links to ‘‘shaping’’ youtubes done by hacks who seem bent on showing people how NOT to shape.

At least they’re hilarious to watch, but the danger is that some beginners might take them seriously.

I do a lot of pigmented boards, so I thought the “find the stringer using static electricity” tip was pretty cool - I think that was Austin’s? Anyway yet another good use for foam dust!

(I tend to forget the bad tips & tricks, so no help on that one…)

Can’t find the laps on an opaqued lamination? I grabbed my mechanics light and held under the board to back light the laps and presto, there they were.

Worst. heat gun on Ice nine, King Mac, the shrunk beyond belief

PVC pipe leash plug resin dam, drill hole for leash plug, spray adhesive around hole, press PVC ring over hole wait 30 seconds pour in resin add leash plug, instant resin dam, remove when resin kicks. I can’t think of any tip from here that has not worked, well except maybe drinking a new beer recipe and trying to shape a board. Tom

Best (lately)- Putting 2 or 3 twists in your pinline tape to get it to lay right against the other piece of pinline tape.

Worst- Some of the music suggestions to play in the shaping room!


Howzit Tuna, The heat gun works,I have used it for years and am going to use it today. I have actually seen it bring thje foam back more than it was to begin with and had to sand it a bit. I have done it in front of shapers who had dented a blank and they were so stoked that it could be fixed. Aloha,Kokua