Best Board for a Pointbreak

Hey guys,

I’m headed down to punta pequena and eventually cabo in late june and I’m wondering what would be the ideal board for the waves down there.

I’m kind of leaning towards the most classic looking twin fin fish I can find, because I want to be able to trim as well as pump and not have to work really hard for speed down the line. Other options that look good to me are quad eggs…the stewart “fartknocker” looks very interesting. I’m not particularly interested in doing airs or huge vertical maneuvers, just carving smooth fast lines.


Thanks in advance!



i think everything works good in a pointbreak :slight_smile:


fish and hulls for the alt voyage



Don’t forget (I know, I’m a broken record) a mat.

(and I agree on the above shapes & the desire to surf em the way you wanna- yes! huzzah!)

yep! perfect for the baja sur experience. might want to also consider something that can handle some size if a so. hemi or chubasco swell hits the tip zone.